We Forgot One Thing...

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We must not foget Steve's "other job": Pixar.

Do you realize he uses mostly 64 bit Sun and SGI workstations and rendering farms? Yeah, there are some Macs, too. Don't you think that Sun and SGI could go bye-bye soon if we get powerhouse G5s and a 64 bit OS X, and Gigawire? Someday Pixar might be the poster child for what Macs can REALLY DO. (I have heard that SGI may buy G5's from Moto?)

Imagine this: You just saw Monsters, Inc 2. The credits roll. At the very end you see this:



(it could happen)


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    I've thought about the Apple/Pixar link in relation to the upcoming announcements and came up with a few problems whilst entertaining the thought:

    1) It appears SGI aren't worth poo poo with what they doo doo any more

    2) Its not consumer/home user/mass market orientated...

    3) This could cause fears that Steve Jobs is abusing his positions at both companies cos he knows that, say, OS X isn't ready for RenderMan yet...

    Although, if Apple follows SGI's suit with creative workstations and servers, then they will have a really good excuse to let rip on some truely hardcore professional gear...
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    ryukyuryukyu Posts: 448member
    The one thing SGI has that is worth something is Alias|Wavefront and Maya.
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    I don't think it's possible YET, but it would be cool if Apple would make a super hot rod for this purpose -- you know, an 8-processor G5 1.6ghz with 4gb RAM and a multi-terabyte RAID array, money is no object, that sort of thing.
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