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im trying to convince my parents to get an imac g5.

however when i put together a comparable dell pc, it turned out to be about ?350 cheaper (including necessary software). now my parents dont really know much about computers, but what would be some arguments that may convince them to really want the imac even though the dell is cheaper?

thanks in advance.

*edit* yeah i know i spelt purchasing wrong...


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    Do they want to spend their time on upkeep or actually using the Machine? There are a lot of things you have to do manually on a Windows PC to keep the thing working at its peak like defragging the hard drive, downloading and running anti-spyware programs, manually solving conflicts, and a few other things I don't even want to remember. In the 17 months I've had my iMac, I have spent maybe a couple of hours total on upkeep. The now dead Compaq I'd spend a couple of hours each week.
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    life expectancy should be a rather good argument. That iMac should be good for several years and able to run the software that comes out. Its re-sale value will still be about half paid after three years(from experience with other machines). You cannot say that about the Dell, it will be obsolete next year, unable to run the next MS OS, plus a lot of the software, like anti-virus, XP Pro, Office, etc. will make up the price difference as well.

    The iMac should be good for several years, able to run the latest OS from Apple, and live a long life of relatively trouble free years.
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    ok thanks guys - looks like ive got them convinced!
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