PowerBook not loading fully

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Erm. I think my PB12 is majorly screwed. I pressed quit on Safari and it was there for ages with beach ball, so I pressed and held the power button and it went off. Upon powering up, Mac OS X wont load proerly/fully. Sometimes it doesn't get to my desktop page. Sometimes it does but with only a few of the buttons in the top right loaded and a beach ball comes up over them. I try to open something from the dock, but it just freezes up.

I'm panicing now, after all Mac OS X is meant to be more stable than a horses home, and I seem to have screwed it up somehow...


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    It sounds like some files may be missing, Or to be honest it could be a dozen different things. Suggestion 1: In the finder press all (at the same time) apple+alt+esc. In the window that pops up click on finder and selct relaunch.

    If this doesn't work you may have to reinstall ur system software. You dont have to clear ur hard drive or anything. Just a reinstall which should fix any root_file problema s and replace any stary files aswell as cleaning ur system up. Make sure you back up nur fonts and ur existing system though just in case you lose something from the system.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Streamer I did end up reinstalling OS X and it turned out okay, except a few programs don't work properly. I am going to back all my stuff up and do a fresh format and install.
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