iChat AV 2.1 compatibility with Windows AIM users

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Is it me or is video and audio conferencing ability in iChat AV 2.1 no longer compatible with Windows XP clients using AOL Instant Messenger 5.9?


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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    There's quite a few incompatibilities. For one thing iChat doesn't handle invisible-mode Windows users. They send me a message, and iChat won't let me respond because 'the user is offline'. Blah.
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    I just did a video chat with someone who installed AIM 5.9 for the first time yesterday. It worked fine, but the quality from their end was really bad. Is there a setting Windows users have to set to increase the data rate?
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    Yes AIM5.9 still works, but with the last update the quality has decreased. Don't know why, but the quiality is poor now.

    You can try trillian pro. Has a lot of cool features like rendezvous, video, audio chat with iChat...

    Only downside is it's price: It costs 25$

    The basic version with audio only is free, and there is a trial version.

    Trillian link

    Good luck
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    I've had trouble sending or receiving pictures from AIM users
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    Thanks for the responses. As it turns out through Apple's own admission, you can only do a video conference with Windows AIM users, and not an audio conference. This also applies to one-way video conferences, etc.

    More info here.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Which is stupid. I refuse to use iChat because nothing ever works. I hate this! Otherwise it's the best client out there. Adium has some SERIOUSLY cool shit like Tabs and the Toolbar stuff and buddy list appearances but Adium has even more bugs and less features, like it can't even Send. And I'm sure, this is all @#%Q@#* AOL's fault. Those douchebags. Does AOL do anything right.
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