Should I wait till after MWSF to get an iMac G5?

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I want to buy an iMac G5 (as some of you probably know already). The current promos end on January 10th and the MWSF keynote speech is on January 11th.

My question is, should I wait till after Macworld to buy the iMac?

Do you think Apple will address the fan problems and do you think there will be other deals after Macworld? I want a Canon printer, so I would have to sell the Epson one. It's still $99 towards my Canon though.


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    I myself am waiting since I'm gonna get an iMac as well. I'm not waiting on the iMac alone; rather, I'm waiting on the PowerBooks but if they don't get announced I'll get the iMac since it does allow slightly better portability (in terms of taking it with yourself in a 3 month trip to Europe) than PowerMacs.

    I'm mainly waiting to see a video card upgrade; if not, and if PB's don't get announced, I'll still get it.
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    Any new wisdom on when iMacs might be updated?

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