iPod Photo: best strategy when using with Mac and Windows PC

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I got a new 40GB iPod Photo (also with Griffin's iTalk, to use the iPod as a speech-recording device). My question is for how to best use it with an iBook (mostly home computer) and a Windows PC (work computer). iBook G4 w/ 40GB (10.3.7), PC w/ 80GB (Windows XP). Also, my wife has her own iBook (Dual USB 500MHz 2001), and she will be using the iPod Photo occasionally too (eg: record a lecture, then type it down on her iBook).

Characteristics of whole setup:

- all currently ripped music is on the PC, currently over 1600 songs (7 GB), eventually I would want all my CDs ripped (currently about 3500 songs)

- ALL songs have cover art pictures (that's why iPod Photo, so I can display cover art)

- some of the "better" music (4 or 5 stars rating, by myself) is also on the iBook (288 songs, 1.35GB)

- pictures I would want to have on the iPod too are on the iBook (iPhoto)

- I would want to have all contact information from Address Book (on the iBook) on the iPod as well (iSync, I presume)

- I will use the iPod mainly for holding music (listening on the go, in the car, etc), carrying pictures (possibly presentations - I am an architect) and being filled with additional information I don't want (or can't) have on my mobile phone (like ALL the contact details in Address Book) - my mobile phone is unfortunately NOT iSync compatible, but can connect to the iBook via Bluetooth (and I use some software for syncing contacts etc). Occasionally, the iPod will be used for recording talks and lectures (and I may get to use it to record short spoken notes, if I grow onto that).

I read somewhere that as a starting point, the iPod should be Windows formatted (Fat32?). Then, that I should "sync it manually".

I am looking for advice, recommendations (software - can be both Mac and Windows), etc. - in short: how to best use it with both Mac and Windows, for the uses described above!




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    pick a computer (the ibook) and stick with it. or get another ipod photo. your "dream usage" is impossible.
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