canon zr-80 camcorder

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i saw that best buy has the canon zr-80 on sale for the next week for $272. this sounds like a pretty good deal as i'm in the market for an entry level camcorder and this particular model was selling for $349 prior to christmas. anyone familiar with this model care to comment on it? thanks.


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    My school purchased 3 canon ZR60s each cost around $500. Quality is fair. The cameras are very light and I felt I needed a tripod just to get steady shots. I preferred the two Sony's DSC we had. Heavier and the digital images seemed sharper.
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    The general take on the Canon ZR series is that they are good for daylight, not so great for lowlight/indoors, where the blacks are very noisy and the color rendering is poor.

    The upside is that the Canon optics are quite good and (in my opinion) the ergonomics are among the best. They also have good rep for reliability.
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