powerbook - wait until after mwsf?

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in a big xmas surprise, my mom bought me a powerbook (15" with just the minimal outfit) and printer (epson cx4600). only problem is that i think i need more than 256mg ram and 60gb. i mostly write on the computer, but i also use audio software to edit sound files (probably protools) and i will probably be doing some things on photoshop. since mwsf is just a few days away, i was thinking i might take the computer and printer back to the apple store from whence it came and get a store credit, and then return in the middle of january to buy it, in case they annouce any price drops or upgrades at mwsf. does this sound like a good move?



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    Powerbooks are likely to get speed bumped and prices may go down. Returning it, if thats possible, sounds like a prudent move.

    Why not keep the printer?

    Use the money you save (if there's a price reduction on the 'book) to get some more ram from Crucial, OWC or Newegg. Most posters on AI seem to vouch for these companies.
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    I can vouch for Newegg. Return it if you can, wait, and if there's a price reduction buy one and from the money you saved, buy yourself some RAM.

    It'd be very smart on your part.
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    beacuse the printer is a free w/rebate printer, it wont be free if if i return the computer - they have to be on the same receipt - so i would return both and hope that there will be a diff free w/rebate printer at the end of january.

    but thanks for the advice - i think i will try to return it to the apple store tomorrow or friday. and thanks for the tips on where to buy ram!
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    yeah, just wait two weeks, if nothing happens, then at least you know you that you waited until after a known event that there is a probability that something new/updated will be released.
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