Making your own iServe

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With all this talk, you could make your own right now.... get the EyeTV 500 and a HDTV antenna for getting some nice HDTV stream, and get a huge HD along with it, and all you need is an old G4 tower, that is it.

What else would you put in it?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Well that makes an iPVR, but not really an iServe...

    1) Centralized permissions management based on authentication and per-machine/UID negotiation.

    2) Transparent melding of local and iServe-hosted media files across iApps.

    3) Streaming server.

    Basically, a Server Lite in a cheap low-power HW box, one that relies on ZeroConf instead of DNS, and requires essentially no setup, maintenance, or other server-esque crud. It's more than doable.
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