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So I just purchased a pair of the Apple in-ear earphones and I can quite honestly say that they are THE worst earphones I have EVER heard (including a pair of el-cheapo Matsui ear phones I purchased back in the early 80's).

There is absolutely no bass whatsoever and it sounds as though you are listening to the music on an old transistor radio on the other side of the room.

I can't believe just how bad these earphones actually are!

And, yes, I have tried all three sizes of earbud.


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    Yes, but from your description it's clear that you didn't seat them fully into your ear. You basically need to stuff them down your ear canal to the point where they fill it. If you can hear the sound of your feet walking telegraphed through to your head, then they're in good.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    With so many people complaining about the Apple buds and so many people praising the Sony buds, I would advise anyone considering the Apple buds to go with the Sonys instead.

    Ye, the Sony headphones are great, and you can get them in white now too.
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    Originally posted by G_Warren

    Ye, the Sony headphones are great, and you can get them in white now too.

    I got a pair of those sony's for x-mas and returned them. They were no better than the "Dollar Store" $1 headphones. The stock ipod phone sound great to me.

    of course I am just a musician with over 30 years experience in what live/real music sounds like so what would I know.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Try using different-sized earpieces too. The little box has three pairs of those rubberized thingies because each pair is a different size -- small, medium and large. I actually found (and, yes, this proves that I'm monstrously deformed) that a large earpiece works best in my left ear and a medium one works best in my right ear.

    Still, when I run, I bounce around too much and they always fall out. I have to use behind-the-ear headphones for the occasion. (Not good to run around in the streets, sealed off from the sounds around me anyway I suppose.) Maybe the activity you're using them for causes the same problem where they won't stay in?
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Glad to see it's not just me then.

    In my book, if they get painful before the sound gets any better then there's something wrong with the design of the seal.

    I had a pair of similar Sony earphones and they sounded great no matter which size of sheath I used. It'd be interesting to find out if they do share the same driver as the Sonys. If so, Apple have not only managed to cock-up the design but also slapped a price premium on top of a brand that isn't exactly shy of charging a premium itself.

    I KNEW I should have stuck to the Sony headphones instead of risking the Apple branded ones. To my ear, Apple headphones/speakers have always sounded grim when compared to the other leading brands.

    Looks like I'll be eBaying/binning this set and purchasing another pair of the Sonys. I hope my girlfriend doesn't misplace this set!
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    This is interesting. My friend got the Sony ones a while back and I showed him the Apple buds online and his reaction was similar to mine: they're pretty much one and the same. I am tempted to get a pair because they're Apple and white, but now it sounds like its probably best going for those Sony ones.

    Also, over here those Sony ones cost £35 and the Apple's cost £29. That's about a $10 difference. Which is strange for Apple.
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    Originally posted by G_Warren

    Ye, the Sony headphones are great, and you can get them in white now too.

    Do you know where they are available in white? I saw them on eBay from Asia, but I had problems ordering them and am distrustful. Are they available domestically now?

    I think the Apple in-ear and the Sony EX71/51 are very similar in quality... it is just that the Sony ear covers fit my ears better than the Apple ones (because Sony's have a ridge, and Apple's are just cones that slip right out).
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    I heard that those white earbuds are import from Japan. My friend had one, and he said it was an import.
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    I just ordered a pair of the white from Amazon UK. Also saw them in Dixons yesterday.
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    yup, the Apple In Ear headphones are crap. I get a seal but it doesn't last no matter which size I use. I have to readjust them every two or three minutes or they sound lame, so I reverted to using the headphones that came with my iPod. Obviously it isn't just my ears. The Apple design is incompatible with a substantial amount of users' ears. These headphones are completely useless for me. They should sell them with a warning that they probably won't fit your ear so people wouldn't waste their money on something that won't work for them.
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    formatc2formatc2 Posts: 176member
    Santa brought me a pair of Sennheiser px100's, and they blow away anything for the cost!

    They are open air though, so you may disturb others while listening to them, but I simply don't care!

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    bspearsbspears Posts: 147member
    Comfortable for long periods of time.

    DEEP DEEP bass

    Great acoustic isolation

    Here is the Link

    These are the best I have ever used hands down.

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    bspearsbspears Posts: 147member

    Originally posted by tonton

    My Sony's are wearing out (My one gripe is that do last at most about a year of moderate listening before they start to sound muddy) and I'm considering getting a pair of Etys. But only if they don't have a tendency to deteriorate in sound quality over time like the Sonys do.

    They do not. I have had mine for two years and they are going strong. Just make sure you do not repeatedly yank them out of your ears by the wires. This CAN result in damage.

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    g_warreng_warren Posts: 713member
    my only gripe with the Sony 71s is that I have managed to break two pairs. I do use them a lot, and possibly wind them up a bit tightly,but twice I have problems with a faulty connection causing me to lose the sound in one ear.

    I am considering getting a Bang & Olufsen MP3 player next week - if I do then I'll report back on their A8 Earphones. If I don't I'll probably just settle for an iPod micro and a white pair of Sony 71s.
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    I got my white Sony EX71s through and they are amazing, albeit a bit too bassy. But another success for Sony headphones...

    Also, I tested them and the gym and I don't have any slippage problems with them. Woop woop.
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member

    Originally posted by FormatC2

    Santa brought me a pair of Sennheiser px100's, and they blow away anything for the cost!

    They are open air though, so you may disturb others while listening to them, but I simply don't care!

    Good choice, isn't strange that the PX-200 sound like crap but the 100's are perfect in every way. Best earphones for 50 bucks period.
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