Problem Installing Norton Internet Security

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
My account with AOL, was tapped and someone sent out over 900 emails. They think they have stopped it. I went and bought Norton Internet Security, and tried to install it tonight. It was almost through and then stopped. No error message, it just never finished installation. Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated.


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    Do NOT install any Norton software. It will mess up your system more than it will fix anything.

    If you need a firewall, enable the default OS X firewall. That should suffice.
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    Just because 900 emails were sent out from your AOL account, it doesn't mean your computer has been compromised. Maybe your password was easy to guess?

    I had a bad experience with Norton Parental Control. I had it disable for my account and I was browsing MSI's website - Norton crashed and took my system down with it. After multiple tries, I had to manual remove the entries from /Library/StartupItems before I could browse MSI's website again.
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