Don't laugh...want to partition off part of my Mac HD to run Windows

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Has anyone ever done this? I had it done on my original Powerbook (the IT person did it, not me), so I could share files and applications with others in that office in PC-land. Of course the performance suffered, and it was a pain to start and stop, going between the two OS. The reason I am asking is, I am purchasing a new Powerbook for work and the same situation is possible. I have a PC here taking up a large amount of space at my desk (to use for some necessary programs work-related) along with my Mac computer. I want to get rid of the PC, keep my current G-4 as a backup as I switch to the new Mac, OSX, etc, and set up either the new Powerbook or the G-4 to be able to run Windows from time to time. I would also like to have this option on the Powerbook as my wife could use the computer at home for her PC stuff, she simply feels more comfortable, and there are a lot of things I want to do on the Internet (play online poker, for one) that the Mac IE cannot currently allow me to do.

I cannot remember how this was accomplished, and I am an island here at work with the Mac...I pretty much have to take care of myself due to the lack of support (sound familiar?). Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    No need.

    OS X has built-in SMB (Windows) File Sharing. A single-click on a checkbox and you're good to go. Other Windows users will see you as Just Another Computer. (You can see them, too.)

    For running Windows apps, you'll need Virtual PC (and a copy of Windows) from Microsoft.

    No disk voodoo necessary - sounds like your last IT guy was, um, underinformed.

    Also, (almost) no need to run Windows IE - Safari is excellent, as are Firefox and OmniWeb - all three also allow you to spoof as IE/Win, which gets you around most problems. (The server programmers were too lazy to actually determine what your browser was capable of, so they just say 'Windows IE or nothing'... having the browser *claim* it is Windows IE will generally get around most problems, since they're more than capable of handling most tasks. Your only problem will be if the site assumes an ActiveX component, in which case the programmer was, again, lazy.)
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    Thanks VERY much for the information. That was an excellent post that answered everything for me, and saved me a lot of BS. Much appreciated!
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    You'll of course leave a .DS_Store snailtrail everywhere you visit on remote PCs. Nothing you can do but yell at Apple.
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