How to scan 5000 names and addresses?

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I've got a list of customers from four years ago when my business was closed. I've reopened and would like to try and invite some of those customers to come back.

What I have is a 300 page dot-martix paper list of names and addresses. The original database from where this originated is long gone.

What's the best way to get these names and addresses scanned and imputed into a database that could then be used to print mailing labels and letterhead?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Ouch. Probably an OCR product like OmniPro? It may be best to find someone who has it to let you borrow, since last I checked it was like $700. They may have a Lite version nowadays though for cheaper.

    That at least would get you the raw text, and then you could modify it further... if it's possible that the data is printed in a columnar format, some OCR products will recreate a tab-delimited file for you from specified columns. That would make it much easier to get into another application.
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    bwhalerbwhaler Posts: 260member
    Honestly, I'd hire temps to type them in. High school kids are another option.

    I know there are a few technical options like card scanners, but the hit rate can be very low. You may spend more time cleaning up the data.

    Of course, the most cost effective way is just to type them in. Make a weekend of it.

    I know the last piece of advice sucks, but such is life as a small business owner. (I'm one, so I know these pains personally.)
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