A friend needs to use my iPod on Windows

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It's one of the models with the four touch buttons across the top beneath the screen. How would he go about switching it so that it'll work on his Windows machine? Does he just need to download the iPod 2.2 updater for Windows and run that on it?


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    adamradamr Posts: 72member
    You can use the windows updater software to reformat to FAT32, but that will erase your music. I will be useable on the mac thereafter, however. If you just need to transfer some files, download MacDrive trial software which will allow the PC to read the HSF file system on the iPod.

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    kirklandkirkland Posts: 594member
    Erasing my music is fine. He's taking it on a trip, and he'll want to sync his own music onto it. So it needs to become an actual Windows iPod.

    ? So if he takes my iPod, does the factory fresh update from the Windows version of iPod 2.2 updater, that should let him sync from Windows iTunes, correct?

    ? And then when he gets back, I can run the Mac iPod 2.2 updater, restore little Bismark to a "clean" state and resync on my music from my Mac.

    That's what I'm thinking anyway. Any big flaws in my plan?
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    adamradamr Posts: 72member
    Not that I can see.
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