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I'm currently producing a magazine for university of photos and creative writing. It has to be A5 format (ie. A4 folded in half). I was hoping to borrow a PC with Publisher onto produce it but that has fallen through.

What can you suggest I use on a Mac? I have Office 2004 but can't work out how to create a folded A4 document. I'd imagine the table tool might be suitable for simple layout, otherwise. So please let me know of some page layout tips if you think I can use Word (preferable) or name a decent page layout title - I want something cheap and guiding, like Publisher, as opposed to In Design or anything super-pro.



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    Thanks for that. Is it only useful for web creation? And do you feel that there is no way that I can use Word to similar effect?
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    What about downloading the trial version of InDesign? It's good for a month. Or...if it's for a university, why not see if they spring for an application? What about a used version of PageMaker on ebay?

    I would exhaust all avenues of obtaining a REAL page layout application before using Publisher or Word. Just because a project is 'simple' is all the more reason to do it right.
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    Like many of Microsoft's products, in Publisher the surface design flaws mearly serve to hide the more fundamental design flaws. There is a reason that major publishers never use MS Publisher, and that commercial printers will laugh at you if you submit a job in publisher (even if it is behind your back... or after you have paid).

    If you can't afford InDesign, next on the list is Quark (*shudder*), and if you can't afford that, go with InkScape (free, and almost up to competing with Quark... still a bit rough, and not an InDesign competitor yet). Don't use Publisher no matter what platform you are on.

    In all of those tools making tri-folds is simple.
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    try this : Ragtime

    It works similar to Quark/InDesign, is a Office replacement as well and it's free!!
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    Originally posted by macanoid?

    try this : Ragtime

    It works similar to Quark/InDesign, is a Office replacement as well and it's free!!

    Ragtime is a free download for personal use. You may also consider DTP stalwart Ready, Set, Go! 7.6.4, which has been ported to MacOS X. Its GUI is still very much from the System 7 era, but RSG is the DTP app of choice for non-Roman publishing. However, it is more than worth the sales price for English publishing. You can download a working demo from the website.
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