Why does iMac screen not return after sleep?

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I'll follow up on this at an Apple store. Just wondering if someone knows something specific about this.

My mom has a blueberry iMac (400MHz I believe). It works fine but after sleeping it consistently fails to wake up. You press a key and the power light stops blinking. However, the screen remains black and it appears the computer is not responding.

I seem to remember something about this. Is it a hardware problem? Firmware problem?

I've updated this to OS X 10.3.7 without a change in this behavior.



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    I have a G4 imac and i have experienced the same problem on 10.3.6. I havent tried it on 10.3.7 but i will again. It seems that from 10.3.0 to 10.3.7 it has gone back and forth from working to not working. I cant remember version numbers exactly but it was like on 10.3.3 it didnt work 10.3.4 fixed it and then 10.3.6 screwed it up again.

    I have experienced the exact same problem where the light goes off but the computer doesnt seem to change from black.

    I hope someone else can answer the problem. I'm glad its not just me.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,560member
    I spoke to a genius at the local Apple store. He said he didn't know of any specific problem. He suggested it might be a hardware problem and that we should bring it in to a local store for evaluation.

    My wife's parents have the same version iMac and it works fine. We also have a 600MHz G3 iMac for the kids and that sleeps and wakes fine.

    You say you have a G4 iMac. Is that the one with the LCD on the flexible arm? Have you repaired permissions? Checked the hard drive? My wife's G4 iMac was having problems mounting a FW HD. I ran Macjanitor then repaired permissions then updated to 10.3.7 and it now works fine. I think she had never tried to repair permissions. A ton of them needed repairing.
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