Enemy Territory

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Is it possible to play Enemy Territory for linux if I install yellowdog or mandrake in my PB G4 ?


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    No. I have no lmowledge of Linux, almost, but something about ET having some cisc-only code.
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    socratessocrates Posts: 261member
    I don't know much about the game in question, but compiled applications for linux will not run on a Mac since they assume an x86 instruction set (Macs use ppc).

    If the game in question is open source then you may well be able to download the source code and compile it for the Mac build of Yellow Dog, or even download a prebuilt Mac version, but in that case the chances are that there is a Mac native version floating around anyway, since OS X is itself basically a flavour of Linux.

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    It isnt Open Source, and the devs didnt want to put out a mac version for some reason.
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    It's not that surprising to be honest, a PC linux program might well be a lot more similar to a windows program than a mac linux program.

    If the code was written with portability in mind then porting could just mean a simple recompile, but the chances are that there is endian-specific, hardware specific or even assembly code in the game that would make porting a real pain.

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