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Your financial assessment is a bit off if you think the eMac has a LCD. The other poster is right - the CRT installed in the eMac is worth certainly less than $100. Using the same logic Apple should be able to do a $699 headless Mac without hurting any. My guess is they will try to be a bit more agressive.

On the other hand Apple isn't know for "giving" away anything or doing things on the cheap. They have never been interested in keeping pace with PC manufacturers on price. The iPod is no different - you'd be hard pressed to find a more expensive portable HD player out there.

Based on this I'd be shocked if this new computer comes in under $500 - it just wouldn't fit Apple's profile. I'm guessing Apple would consider $599 highly agressive and I can definitely see Steve Jobs trying to push $699 as a major breakthrough price, even though it's not.


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