Lookin' For A New System

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Hey, finally decided to fork out the cash for a laptop, and I've really got two choices. I wanted to throw them past you guys, see what your thoughts are.

The first is a "certified pre-owned" 15" Titanium Powerbook G4 with Powermax.com - 512RAM, 60GB hdd.

The second is a new 14" ibook with close to the same spec's.

Priced almost identically.

My biggest curiosity is the difference between the older titanium and the new aluminum models. Is it just looks, or is there something else I should know? Second, anyone have any testaments as to the reliability of PowerMax's models?

The Powerbooks is more aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not so shallow as to forgo a better ibook for it.


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    If the pb is only 1Ghz, last pb 15 with 60 GB HD, then I would go with the new iBook. Also if the pb was made before Sept, 16 2003 then its USB ports will be 1.1 not 2.0. That is a huge speed difference. I would also wait a week and see if they give a release date for Tiger.

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    Why not just go ahead with it and then upgrade the os to Tiger then?
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    Unless the money is burning a hole in your pocket or you need the laptop immediately, I'd wait a week to see if there is a speed bump or an early Tiger release. The latest iBook came out Oct. 19th so there might not be a bump, but there could be. The pb 15 was last updated Apr. 19th so something should happen there. Maybe you can get a better deal on an older pb.

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