New dual 867 monitor woes...

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I bought a monitor off eBay, a 21inch liyama CRT (Vision Master 502). Now my friend says that near all CRT monitors, older than like 6 months are VGA. And for some reason the new Powermacs dont have VGA.

I looked up the monitor and found this:

Input connection : D-SUB mini 15pin, BNC.

Can anyone make some sense out of that?

If there isn't a way i'll just have to buy the DVI to VGA connector. Did it come orignally with the Powermacs? I remember seeing a wire that I might have thrown out.




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    eep! never throw out wires! they are our friends!(well some times)

    ummm I know apple computers come with a dvi to vga adapter, and all the card are dual ADC and DVI compatible. you should find that adapter cause they go for about 120 bucks
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    quaremquarem Posts: 254member
    The ADC to DVI adapters are expensive (maybe $120) like the guy above says, but don't worry that is not the adapter you need.

    You need the VGA to DVI adapter. This should have come with your computer. If don't know what the D-SUB stuff means, but the monitor is either VGA to DVI. And if it's VGA you use the adpater that came with you computer, and if it's DVI just plug it into the video card on the back on your computer.

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    chychchych Posts: 860member
    It's $20 off the apple store if you did throw it out anyway.
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    Or call up apple and tell them you opened up your box, and noticed there wasn't one in the box. Say that the box was still factory sealed and that it must have been a messup at the factory or something.

    This has worked time and again for me.

    Power plug for mixing console

    Power plug for tube mic pre amp

    Remote control for stereo

    Pads for headphones
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    that's fraud, but never mind the daily dose of crime.

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