Does OS X support SNMP

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Does OS X have a built-in SNMP monitoring tool? I am playing with some enterprise SNMP server monitoring tools, and I want to include a few OS X servers as well as my switches, Windows servers, routers, etc. Does OS X support SNMP? If not, are there any good 3rd party SNMP tools that you would recommend?


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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    07.16 $


    snmpbulkget snmpdelta snmpnetstat snmptranslate snmpwalk

    snmpbulkwalk snmpdf snmpset snmptrap

    snmpcheck snmpget snmpstatus snmptrapd

    snmpconf snmpgetnext snmptable snmpusm

    snmpd snmpinform snmptest snmpvacm

    CLI tools starting with "snmp" included in OS X.
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    To translate this a bit: Yes apple does include a number of SNMP tools with MacOS X (in fact the open source ones that you would use with any *nix), mostly on the client side of things. Just like on any other platform you do have to set things up so that the computer will respond to snmp queries (security precaution). Apple is not shipping any monitoring software, so there is no easy way of browsing that information on a Mac (other than cli).
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
    I enabled the built-in OS X snmpd, and started the process, but my snmp management tools don't seem to get any data from my Mac. The monitoring tools see my Mac, no problem, but the tools just do get any info back. There must be a config file I missed. The only config info I find from Apple's site is related to 10.1, and the info is outdated from what I can tell.
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    Don't think of it as snmpd on MacOS X, think of it as snmpd on a *nix box... there is lots of information out there on setups if you do.
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    And don't forget to change your public string.
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