AirPort Extreme question

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I know you can connect a USB printer directly to the AirPort Extreme base station, but can you connect more than one via a little USB hub?

I'd love to be able to take my three printers and stick them in my cupboard together with my cable modem and all the other guff.


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    Stick them in your cupboard???

    Anyway ... I'm not sure if the AirPort Exteme would recognize the USB hub. Since the USB port on the Express is only designed to recognize printers, and not other devices, I would say that you can't use a USB hub. If it doesn't recognize a device as a printer, it won't work.

    It's a good idea though.
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    It's only the Airport Extreme PoE/UL 2043 that supports more than one USB printer, you can have up to four connected to it.
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