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There was a free piece of software i used all the time when i was on a PC. It was called The Font Thing. There were two features which made it so amazing. The first was it could brows and preview non-intsalled fonts just like it did installed fonts and it could make a list with whatever text in every font in a folder or which is installed.

I can live with not having the list features becuase font book is still pretty cool and can help me decide on a font for my graphic artist work. The problem is i have a folder with 2,000+ fonts and i do not want to install them all. I like to keep a low number of fonts installed in my system but i want to be able to view a list and view a preview of my 2000 fonts.

Can anyone name a good font program out there that can do what i described. As always, free would be great but i have some holiday cash left for i can pay for a program if it is woth it.


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    mcsjgsmcsjgs Posts: 244member
    I don't think it will do all the things you talked about, but you might take a look at a nice beta utility called Font Safari here:
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    Suitcase and fontagent pro are the industry standards. Suitcase has a cleaner interface, Fontagent Pro is more complex but also has more features and less bugs.

    Non are perfect, but both are miles ahead of fontbook...
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    If it's a total font management solution you are looking for, I would recommend Font Agent Pro 2 by Insider Software. We were having a real hassle managing several thousand fonts divided into sets and subsets and tried several programs including Font Reserve and Master Juggler.

    In OS X, Font Agent Pro has performed flawlessly for us, but as always your mileage may vary. I believe they have a trial period before you buy.

    Insider Software

    Font Agent Pro
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    One of the best features of fontagent pro is that it can organizes copies of your fonts alphabetically. Like iTunes organizes your mp3's...

    But interface-wise it looks like a programming interface compared to suitcase's elegance.

    On the other hand, Suitcase crashes everytime you ad a really old/corrupt font...

    I have ended up using both.
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