Alternative to Grab?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I want to take some screenshots of a DVD playing in DVD Player but I was disappointed to find that (as of Panther?) Grab won't let you take any shots while DVD Player is open Does anyone kow of a good alternative to Grab that will let you do this, or is it possible to play the DVD in another player and take shots?

In an unrelated question, does anyone know a way to get the rip the audio from a music DVD into discrete tracks??


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    hello fellow australian,

    i wasn't sure if you were wanting to capture the application along with a still from the dvd or just the dvd image.

    i would suggest downloading and using a trial version or buying snapz pro x, that captured with the apple dvd player fine for me.

    otherwise capturing had no problems with vlc, if ur not picky for the player.
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    SnapNDrag'll do it too.
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