17" or 20" G5 imac for flash animation/webdesign? :)

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Hey all.

First time posting. I am torn between the two models. They have identical EVERYTHING...so it all comes down to screen size. I'm not sure if the 20" would be overkill or extremely useful. If I get the 17", I save roughly $300(not $400, because I'll bump up the 80gig HD to 160). I could use that $300 towards extras like ram or a camera etc. But will I regret not going with the larger screen.

I am new to flash/web design, and wanted to get feedback from anyone who'd like to give their opinion on this.

Much appreciated thanks.



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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    go with the 20", you cant upgrade that later, ram you can. if you are gonna have regrets later, it wont be getting a 20" screen and not enough ram, it would be not getting the 20" cuz u cant do anything about it. heck, i dont need a 20" screen but if i get an imac im getting the 20" screen.
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    If you've never used a 20" screen, then you'll probably be happy with the 17...

    HOWEVER... once you start using a 20" screen, you'll wonder how you ever managed with anything smaller !

    After using this computer (20" iMac G5) for about 5 minutes, I realized why Apple dropped the 17" monitor from it's "pro" lineup.

    If you have to choose between the screen or more RAM, then get the big screen .... you can always save your $$ and get the RAM later.
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