Cardbus on/off switching

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Ok i need some help here.

I got an audio interface cardbus card. <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>

Multiface+cardbus controller.

Ok, when i start my computer up, the cardbus card gets loaded and i can see it next to the airport icon. When i power the cardbus of, it gets powered off, but then the icon is gone so i can't switch it on again. The airport icon just stays there.

Do I really have to restart every time i want to use the card? I also get a kernel panic when the card is not powered off, and the system goes to sleep.

Is all this stuff normal? Can I switch on the cardbus card in some menu somewhere?

I use OSX 10.2.2 on a 1Ghz powerbook/1Gb ram

The cardbus drivers are an beta version, is this maybe what is causing my problems?

Thanks for any info.


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