iDisk appears empty, but I know it's not.

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Is anyone else having problems with their iDIsk today? I keep lots of things in the .Pictures and .Sites folders, but they are empty today. New images I place in the .Pictures folder are not accessible online. BUT all my uploaded graphics in the .Pictures folder still load online (even with an emptied cache) and a web site I dumped into the .Sites folder still loads fine as well. What's going on? I know I didn't accidentally delete everything on my iDisk...


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    First of all what speed connection are you on?

    I am on broadband and when I access my iDisk folders it can still take up to a minute or two to show anythiong depending on the file size. It may be there. Its just takin a while to come up. So just wait a while. If you look at ur idisk window u may see the little spinning wheel thingy that shows up when u start ur computer up at first up in the right hand corner on the brushed metal part. This means that it is still accessing ur iDisk. Thats my first suggestion. If the problem persists get back to me

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    nd32k3nd32k3 Posts: 187member
    first off do you keep a local copy of your idisc?
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    mlnjrmlnjr Posts: 230member
    Thanks for the two responses. I'm on a cable modem, and yes I do keep a local copy. I read a few threads in Apple's discussion forums about this same issue happening to others sometimes, so it's not an isolated thing. Apparently it's an issue Apple is aware of, so maybe there's a fix on the way. Whatever the case, the files came back eventually. (And I never really lost anything, since everything that should have been available on the web from the confines of my iDisk was always available. I just couldn't see any of the files and by all accounts my iDisk looked to be completely empty.)
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    nd32k3nd32k3 Posts: 187member
    well what i thought you ment was the problem i had. for somereason in my local copy it said there were no files and it wouldnt allow me to sync. then i deleted my local copy, restarted then went into preferences and clicked make local copy, manually sync and everything worked fine
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