imac g5 issues

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i have a imac g5 that is about a month old. It seems to be having serious problems. Sometimes it will not wake up from sleep- the power light changes, then the imac crashes. If the computer is awake, it will freze in the middle of a program. when i try to restart it, it never brings up the os x screen. It stays black for a min, then the fan starts getting louder and louder until it seems like its mad at me, and i turn off the surge protector. it does this until i unplug it for a few hours, then goes back to normal for a day, then back to the begining. Any ideas?



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    If you updated to 10.3.7 (or even 10.3.6) these issues may arise. I don't know if you did it or not, but its always good to repair permission before and after updating your computer.

    If you've done so and its still giving you trouble, try to boot from your install cd and repair permission from there and maybe check the disk for any problems.

    Download and install OnyX and run the maintenance utilities. I guess that's all that comes to my mind.
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    Did you , by chance, install some dirt-cheap/generic RAM ?

    Bad RAM can cause some really wierd problems.
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    the repair permission seems to have done the trick. Thank you so much. As for ram, it is all from apple, so i don't think its a problem8)
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