Question About Broken iBook

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My boss has just given me a G3 iBook. The catch is he dropped it and cracked the display. It has no other problems and runs just fine.

My question is if any one has ever set up an iBook as a desktop. What I mean is can you set up an external display and set the iBook to not power down when not in use?

The cost to replace the screen for me is prohibitive, but not the VGA out adapter.

I am not a rich man and before I speend any money to do this I need to know if it will work.

I appreciate any and all advice.


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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member
    That should work like you expect it to. Just plug in the monitor via the VGA adapter and it should come up with a mirror of what would be on the iBook screen. You may have to restart, or zap the PRAM or something, but yes, you can do what you want. As far as keeping it from shutting down or going to sleep, that's just an energy saver setting that you can change right from the system preferences.
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