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I have noticed that the dial up internet access at my house is more reliable on my father's PC than my ibook g4. It takes safari up to 30 minutes for my yahoo email to load...whereas on the PC it takes a much shoter period of time. Is there anything I can do to address this? or is it a coincidence?


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    Should be in Genius Bar, but anyways...

    Do you use the same telephone socket as your fathers PC? If so and you use a doubler this could be slowing your connection.

    Do you use the iBook on a telephone extension? If so the extension cable or socket could be kinked or faulty and any extra phones connected could be affecting speed. Try your phone company to test the line.

    Open Internet Connect (go to the modem icon top right or go to Applications folder) and check the speed of your connection (you will get a window showing internal modem - click on blue button to right of configuration line to extend the window for more info).

    Check the speed of your connection at Status - eg. "Connected to 315.125.205.154 at 42667 bps". The bps (bits per second) is what you are looking for. 56k modem, at best, will have a figure of around 42-50,000 bps.

    You may have a problem at the providers end if speeds are low or just a configuration problem.

    Check with Apple helpline if you have a new Mac or phone your internet service provider to check your connection and configuration.

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