Firefox vs. Camino

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What is better to use for Mac or is there even a difference?


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    Camino uses as much native MacOS X technology as is reasonable, gluing it to the FireFox engine while FireFox is dedicated to keeping things as cross-platform as is reasonable. Camino has the potential to be more of a "Mac" application while FireFox has a much larger developer base behind it directly (Camino has this same developer base indirectly).

    Which of the two approaches results in the faster app depends on where in the development cycle each is. Both have held the title in recent memory. Right now in the overall category FireFox holds more interest for me because they are progressing rapidly and because of the extensions system, but I can easily see Camino making a comeback (especially once FireFox gets through this rapid expansion phase).
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    I was happy with Camino until I tried Firefox. Now it just seems so bare-bones. Still, I'd recommend Camino for old macs (it runs faster). Otherwise, Firefox all the way.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    I have high hopes for Camino eventually. They used to really work on it a lot and for a while it was the browser I used, from that awkward period between IE and when Safari first came out. I mean dang, back then there was nothing else to use besides IE! Ouch! However you can tell there is something wrong with firefox. It's Aqua is only a skin. It doesn't have that "Mac" feel, in the way it handles text fields, selecting things, fonts, the way windows and buttons are placed, even the cursor. I hope Camino "Mac"-izes Firefox someday, while keeping all the preferences and other abilities of Firefox, within reason. Also I wish Firefox could import Safari Bookmarks. Camino can.
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    r3dx0rr3dx0r Posts: 201member
    i'd vote for firefox. install adblock and you'll know why. a more mac like interface is on the way too. at least it's on the current roadmap.

    btw. firefox can import safari bookmarks, safari just can't export bookmarks

    you'll need an app to enable the debug menu.
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    Originally posted by nd32k3

    What is better to use for Mac or is there even a difference?

    I almost always do use Camino, if Safari fails to

    render a Webpage for whatever reason.

    Granted this becames rare these times.

    Perhaps a year ago i compared

    FF vs. C. Camino was faster than FF, so i choosed C

    as the alternatve to Safari.
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    hitbyhitby Posts: 38member
    If you type

    defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

    into terminal while safari is NOT running, it will enable the debug menu. From there you can export your bookmarks (to a html page) which you can then import into Ff.

    Hope this helps


    <edit: case error in the code do'h!>
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    spudspud Posts: 25member
    What kills me about firefox is its inadherence to all the mac niceties to which i've grown accustomed.

    spell-checking through right-click, keyboard navigation, etc.

    It's a shame neither Camino nor Safari have the same kind of plugin support (or even the architecture in safari's case) as firefox. Pith Helmet for Safari is the only reason I can still use it...

    (on a side note, appleinsider overrides a lot of the mac niceties in its text-input fields. try ctrl-B, ctrl-E, ctrl-N, or, most annoyingly, ctrl-P. I hate this "feature"!)

    Edit:<and i just figured out how to turn off that feature!>
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Camino is better than FireFox if you are browsing web with a Slow and NOT-ENOUGH-RAM machines.

    Otherwise, FireFox
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    Graphical tabs, workspaces, etc.

    You have to pay, but hand-down the best browser anywhere.

    Oh, and Firefox is ugly so if I have to use Gecko (the Firefox and Camino rendering engine) I use Camino.
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    Camino. Firefox is just not Mac-like enough. The only thing that Camino is missing is form auto-fill, and that's being worked on. I'm not a fan of Safari, first because HTML rendering is still not as good as Gecko browsers, and I hate the brushed metal.
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    bergzbergz Posts: 1,045member

    Originally posted by Leonis

    Camino is better than FireFox if you are browsing web with a Slow and NOT-ENOUGH-RAM machines.

    Otherwise, FireFox

    Exactly. Camino is a breeze on an older machine compared to firefox.

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