Australian iTunes Confirmation?

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Seems that iTunes may be coming down under! The japanese apple web site has the following to say (see right at the bottom)

"The iTunes Music Store is the service which is offered in the United States & Europe & Canada & Australia."

Bring it on!


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    trevormtrevorm Posts: 841member
    I don't think it is. Apparently there was talk from Apple that it wont be happening till they pull the right sort of deal....

    I suspect that is a typo anyhow...

    I WANT MY AUSTRALIA iTMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by trevorM

    I WANT MY AUSTRALIA iTMS!!!!!!!!!!!! [/B]

    I want Australian iPhoto book and print ordering but Apple don't seem to care about us downunder.


    "Available worldwide from day one." - Steve Jobs

    Yeah, thanks Steve. Next time at least remove the unusable buttons from the program when you release it to us.
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