Repairing a iBook G3 clamshell

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Hi ,

Ive been using macs for 7-8 years now and have decided to have a go at repairing them. Ive only changes Ram and hard drives before so i decide to start on something easy

I though about tring to repair a iBook G3 366Mhz SE on ebay, pretty sure it boots up will need a power adapter possible a new battery, needs a new keyboard, power button and CD drive plastic cover, a hard drive and it might not have any ram.

If i got it working it would be cool to have a laptop as I could use it for university next year, as I have currently only got a iMac G5

Could you give me any hints tips on repairing it. Also how much do you think I should spend on it considering that tell are sold fully working for £120 on ebay



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    just reading my post through and noticed how bad my spelling was sorry
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    If you are just trying to repair the old ibook as a project that is one thing but to use for school it is to old. The airport card and hard drive are right under the keyboard and you can get to those very easily. Remember it is the old airport type of card. You need a torx to undo the screws to take apart the rest of the machine for changing out the power button or cd. For the money you would spent on parts you could get a new 12" ibook. For practicing repairs it is best to start with desktops, more room to work with and you don't have to fully re-assemble when testing. Another hard part about laptops are the connections that go from the base to the screen section. Some of the old ibooks had cables go bad in the hinge area. At least in our area, all laptops from the ibook on had to be sent to apple for repair. They didn't let the local apple specialist work on them.

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    thanks for the link!
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