Slaving A Processor to my Powerbook

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Hey Guys

I already have a 1.5Ghz 17" Powerbook. This is already a fairly powerful machine. But as I do a lot of work with The Apple Production Suite and Maya I am running low on my 80gb hard drive and am also pushing my processor fairly far although it does do extremely well considering some of the things I ask it do, I was just wondering if there was anyway to say connect one of those new mac minis and slave its processor to my powerbook for some extra processing kick. Aswell as having another 80Gb hard drive space to play with. If this is possible I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to do it. The mac mini is an object of desire anyway but would also be an affordable option for some extra power. Any help isgreatly appreciated or alternatives welcome. Thank you



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    Ok I have made some progress since this. I have discovered a piece of apple software you might not have heard of. Its called Apple Xgrid

    It basically allows you to create a small supercomputer from as many macs as you want.

    The link for those who are interested is

    acg is apples Advanced Computations Group

    However if someone could instruct me on how I might slave the display of my powerbook to a mac mini it would be appreciated

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    From my inquires into xgrid on these forums before i learned that the program has to be specifically made for grid computing. I wanted it to boost PS CS but that wouldn;t work. It is good for rendering because one machine can work on one frame and send it back. With PS, it needs to be going to the CPU continuously.
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    You can't do it, because Production Suite and Maya don't support xGrid.
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