Blank CDs that aren't blank

in General Discussion edited January 2014
just now i was going through a pile of blank CDs and found an old one that i have not used yet. i needed to burn a file onto it and transfer it to my PC. i installed it and waited for the naming dialogue to open... except instead iTunes launched and i was confronted with a list of 10 Untitled tracks of music. what i found was this old mystery CD i purchased at the London Drugs computer section a couple of years back. i bought 2 CD-Rs at the time, got them home and found that i could not burn onto one of them. i soon noticed that it was because this one CD was pre-burned with 10 tracks of music (a varied array of modern rock, techno and one track French rock) and i have no idea what the music is. the other CD-R i bought was fine. both CDs were completely sealed TDK disks. the music files on the one CD are untitled and have no other information associated with them (no artist, song or album info)

has anyone else had a similar experience such as this? it looks to me like somewhere in manufacturing someone placed a burned CD into the packaging.

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