Mini Mac and iPod Shuffle...

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Not sure if you guys know yet but there is already a gratis free site for these new products from apple.

$599 Mini Mac (requires 10 people)

$149 iPod shuffle (requires only 3 people)

Also I have a couple congas going at my site...

Very cool new apple machine. I did not believe Steve would make a cheap machine ever. But here it is. Awesome Steve!


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    Wow thanks buddy for the awesome links!!!! I don't see the referral number on them at all!!!!!!!! These should go great with my free iPod, free plasma TV, and penis enlargement pills!!!!1111
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    skinskin Posts: 2member
    There is a penis enlargement pills site?! Give me your link...

    I did sign up for the freemacmini and ipodshuffle site. But only because worked for me. I got a 20gig 4th gen for free.

    My Documented Experience with freeipods dot com
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