Mini mac or not

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I'm thinking of getting a mini mac (my first mac) to organise all my music and photos on. But do you know if the mac combo dvd drive is multiregion and does it write to dvd+r or dvd-r?

Also I would of like to of used it as a dvd player and link it up to my 5.1 surround speaker setup but it only has a headphone unit so and no digital output which is a shame. Are there any good firewire hubs for sound?

So anyway I was thinking of going one up and getting an apple g5 instead and basically want to know what is out there sound card wise similiar to my pc audigy 2?

Any advice on this would be great!




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    The drives are usually not multi region, but this is solved with a simple firmware hack you can simply find on the net and install yourself...

    As far as 5.1 sound is concerned apple is selling these on its website:

    They say it supports dolby digital though apple's dvd player app so all should be great!
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    The combo drive doesn't record to any DVDs. You have to upgrade to a superdrive for that.
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