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Hi everyone! You guys probably think I'm crazy, but I'm new to the whole Apple scene, and I'm not to familiar with their products, besides maybe the iPod. Anyway I was wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts on a few questions I have.

1.Why is Apple not a dominant provider of personal computers? Do you believe this was due to their OS not being made compatible with PC's in the early 90's? Personaly this is why I think they are not the dominant provider of personal computers.

2.Can Apple survive in the new economy? With the realease of the mini-MAC and the iPod it looks like they are doing a good job, but can it last?

3.Should the firm provide its operating system to run on both Apple and PC systems? I think they should. It would allow the comsumer to become familiar with the MACs OS, and also allow the consumer to keep their PC and not have buy an Apple MAC to try it. Thoughts?

4.What would you suggest Apple do to popularize the Apple computer line? As mentioned earlier they are doing so by releasing the mini-MAC for $499. This will help.


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    Its Mac. Like the Apple MacIntosh. Get it MacIntosh Apple...
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    1. Apple is a dominant player in the PC market, they are in the top 10 companies by volume to sell computers.

    2. Apple has been going out of business since 1984

    3. Apple is a hardware company, they primarily sell hardware, not software, thus they do not license the OS to other platforms. Their competition is not Microsoft, but is Dell, Gateway, etc (primarily).

    4. Lower price point products (mini-Mac).

    Search the forums for more on these topics, they've been discussed quite a bit.
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