How to make a Mac Mini into a multimedia entertainment hub / PVR

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I'm happy with my Powerbook 12inch as my main "productivity" computer. The only reason I would buy a Mac Mini is to have it as my true multimedia hub.

Hook it up to my TV to watch DVDs and picture slide shows and DIvXs, etc. The audio out to my speakers and listen to my iTunes collection.

Aside from that, nothing really. Just multimedia stuff. email, iMovie, photoshopping, and gaming would be no no. MAYBE get an iSight attached to the MiniMac and play games like ToySight..

Anyway... the biggest "probelm" arises. How to remotely control the Mac Mini "multimedia hub".

Is there any "front ends" / "GUI" that could make you intereact with your Mac like Windows Media Center (or other Set Top Boxes)? Control with Bluetooth remotes (advice on which)? Yeah, my cell phone can be used with Salling clicker, but its not a convenient solution overall.

Hardware.. ElGato for TV?

So, what additional software/hardware does one need in order to make a Mac Mini into a perfect Multimedia Center?


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