Handmac or Pocketmac

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Do you think they will ever come out with this? I think it would be awesome if they set up a palm pilot like thing. If it had airport, and bluetooth, I think it could really be cool.


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    they called it the newton http://www.everymac.com/systems/appl...on_mp_omp.html

    and I think everyone wants it to came back
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    For some of us, it never left.

    There's been an active developer community still going strong. WiFi, PCCard storage (CF, SM, MicroDrive), OS X syncing with the iApps... yeah, it's nice.

    I'd love for it to be a bit trimmer in the bezel, but hey.
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    nd32k3nd32k3 Posts: 187member
    it would be nice for them to come out with a brand new one though. ive never heard of that one, but it looks very old. they need one with os x.
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    the newton os is very cool. I wish they would updated it and license it to motorola that way they could finally have a good ui to put in a itms smart phone.
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    I would really like to see Apple reintroduce the Newton or the eMate. I ould really like to see what Apple could do in the PDA Market.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    As they say in NYC the PDA/newton is OVAH!!

    if and that is a big big if it ever sees the light of day it will be coupled with a phone. That is the future of the PDA!

    My guess is that apple and moto (or more likely from steves comments SONY will produce the holy grail) Note sony just pulled out of the PDA market.
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