Cult of Mac

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I really have trouble with this phrase. It sends the wrong impression to anyone thinking of switching. I find it hard to ever recommend a mac because I am immediately to be fanatical of a company for no reason. It is hard to get across to people that I actually do believe certain functions are easier to perform on a mac. It isn't a fanatical devotion but an excitement over great software. I really wish families that are just going to save photos and create movies and the like could try the mac. I really cannot find a good alternative to ilife on the PC without spending quite a bit more money. Since the keynote I have read quite a few articles reffering to this cult of mac and the insanity of paying more for a less powerful computer. I realize different people have different needs but i read the comments to these articles and some people really think macs are poor performers. yet i have a 400mhz tower that is about 5 years old that I edit video on just fine. I do see peoples problems with the towers being expensive and I hope apple can either increase the performance or decrease the price. It is still so hard to show someone a computer at 1.25ghz and convince them to buy it over a 2.4 ghz machine. My problem is I consider hardware the worthless part because the software is what allows me to accomplish things. Now after this quick and poorly written rant/woe, I ask do you think it is a cult? and if not then why does the media or general public view it that way? Do you think apple (IBM) will ever be able to offer superior performance (in raw numbers because that seems to be some peoples' only care) at a similar price? Apple offers some definite competition in certain areas but can it in all? What does apple need to do to get 5-10 percent marketshare? BTW has anyone figured out why apple doesn't advertise the mac?
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