Newbie - PC to Mac Convert

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I just ordered my first Mac after years of the PC (okay, I'm an old fart and had the first IBM PC when I went off to law school in '84 -- it had NO hard drive -- one floppy had the program; the other had the data). I ordered a Power Mac G5 wtih Dual 1.8 processors and the 20" cinema display. I hope to have it in 2 weeks.

Here's my first of what will likely be many questions in the coming weeks. I regularly back-up my entire iTunes foler to an external hard drive. The back-up folder is ingeniously named "iTunes backup". I understand that the Mac OS 10.3.x can read those files. Assuming that is correct, can I just drag the entire contents of the iTunes back-up folder to the iTunes folder on the Mac? I believe it contains the xml file needed.

Any advice -- even a step by step -- would be appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing how a computer REALLY works.
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