Am I the only one sick of Quicken?

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So I finally upgraded to Quicken 2005. Not worth the money. It continues to be a poorly implemented OS X application. Why is this? The UI is sloppy and awkward. It is bloated (which I could almost live with).

First question is...what is everyone else using (and why)?

Second question...what are the primary things people are doign with Quicken (or whatever other alternative you're using)?

Third question...much like Apple has tried to do with things such as iCal, Pages, etc. Does the basic form of this kind of application need to be re-thought? A new model/paradigm? Not talking about re-inventing the wheel here. But wondering if a re-thinking is due.


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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member
    no, you're not the first to say it (just check versiontracker comments for a few examples). quicken at some point jumped the rails of its original "balance your checkbook and print checks" into an attempt at full-fledged personal money/stock management, and it's never been able to pull it off very well (and when your money management application has a bug in it, well, that gets multiplied pretty quickly throughout your files). and just about every service it connects with also have equal-or-better services on their own respective web sites.

    personally, the paper check register and envelope method is doing pretty well for me. i have heard good things about liquidledger, which attempt to get back to a simpler idea of personal money management.
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    I can't stand Quicken either. I keep giving it a try, but I don't get it.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member
    Agree here too... Quicken just sucks. I've been using Microsoft Money on Windows since V1.0 and it's always been an easier to use, nicer to look at app for me. I wish Microsoft would port it to OS X.
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    If you were in Australia you could use MYOB which has been native for Mac since its inception.
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    I'm WAY sick of quicken! The user interface SUCKS bigtime! MS Money's UI is way more advanced.

    Why doesn't Apple do to Personal Finance Managers what they did to music players. Apple should work on this instead of fricken PAGES/iWork - what a waste of Apple's time!

    Otherwise, though, MS should write Money for the Mac and include it in the next version of Office.

    Something's gotta change though, cuz Quicken for Mac sucks, NOT TO MENTION THAT MOST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS DON'T SUPPORT IT! AAAAAAHHHH! It pisses me off! Why can't it just be standardized so it doesn't matter what platform one is on!

    Oh well, enough of my ranting. I know I'm not the only one though
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    Intuit in general has fallen off the quality wagon.

    Luckily Quicken comes free with new machines or I would never upgrade. But the last 3 versions has been so bad with bugs, it seems like there is nowhere to turn.

    Sadly on the Mac, there are no alternatives. I hope Intuit gets their act together.
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    Originally posted by Chris Cuilla

    ...Second question...what are the primary things people are doign with Quicken (or whatever other alternative you're using)?

    Thank you for posting this! I am so beyond irritated with this application come whaling anchor.

    I think the reason I was so pleased with it as first was because I do my own taxes and it is so clean for that. But I've had it too and am looking for other smarter, faster, and lighter apps.
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    Ok, just an idea for an alternative to Quicken... does anyone know of any good FileMaker or SQL databases or templates made for keeping track of personal finances? Anything's gotta be better than Quicken.

    Perhaps with Tiger's new SQLite engine one could build a nice personal finance manager.?.?
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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member
    A homemade doesn't help with online banking and integration with online portfolio management, though.

    I think I'll try Virutal PC and MS Money instead.
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    Originally posted by mikef

    A homemade doesn't help with online banking and integration with online portfolio management, though.

    I think I'll try Virutal PC and MS Money instead.

    Yea, I know, but Quicken's integration just sucks too. Web connect is the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and half the institutions out there don't work with Quicken on Mac anyway. So might as well hand make something, which you can always just import qif files into, just like I already do in Quicken.
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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member
    If I had any inkling that there would be a solid market for such a product, I would certainly take it seriously and develop one.

    It would be damned near impossible to compete with Quicken and MS Money on Windows, but on OS X, the competition is seemingly non-existent.

    I am a professional software developer looking for a project (and ultimately, a self-sustaining source of income).
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    intuit is stupid stupid stupid

    my bank says it won't support quicken o5 only upto 03 04.

    so if want to stay with my bank (after spending $$$ on new checks) I SHOULDN'T UPGRADE. my bank says that they will continue to support qif exports for several years . so keep my quicken o3 and o4

    people aren't understanding the implications of the upgrade. and they are alienating clients. banks don't want the expense of supporting two file formats. so I get a notice from quicken to upgrade by email and you think sure all those neat features. but if you can't use them it's a waste.

    BIG MISTAKE......but i just saved myself 40-70 bucks

    to respond to the above "banks don't support mac quicken" well they still support the qif format, i export then import it to quicken o3 and o4 as i have had to do for forever. i do it every couple of months.
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