S-Video out quality on LCD tv

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Im buying a Mac Mini and want to hook it up to a kitchen LCD TV. Whats the quality of s-video? Can you read text? Is it as clear as a normal computer monitor?


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    I basically wonder about the S-Video/composite video adapter. Is S-video good enough? does it provide a crisp image? I'll be using an LCD tv.
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    i have tried this using a variety of lcd tv's of different sizes and manafacturers and, as i expected, the resulting images were very varied.

    i think the main contributing factor is manafacturer. i found that the best results came from hooking up to a sony or lg tv.

    hope this helps you.

    i think you just need to play with some different options.

    see if you can get your local electonics store to let you hook a mac up to a few tv sets and see the results for yourself.

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