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Hey everyone. I feel like crap because all of my topics are questions. I do try to help out others when I can and actually know the answers (heh, rarely).

Anyway, I'm taking an online course and was wondering if there was a way to create a special mailbox so when I get an email from either my college, or my professor, it goes straight to that particular mailbox folder in Mail.

Secondly, is there anyway to change your .Mac email address? The one that I made initially is kind of annoying to me now so I was wondering if there were any remedies for this.

Thanks a bunch.


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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    Hey Wolfeye, for once I get to help someone rather than just asking questions.

    Aparently you can call Apple and tell them that you made the wrong account, I think it is a hassle tho... but it does say in the .mac support then once you create your account you are unable to change your acocunt name... I know because after trying like a thousand variations of my name, I typed in something stupid and it went thru... so I too have an account name I'm not happy with.

    With your Mail question, create a rule.

    Mail > Preferences > Rules > New Rule

    Then set any e-mails that come from your college address (ie. @uni) go into a separate folder.

    Hope I answered what you wanted to know.
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    snoopysnoopy Posts: 1,901member
    You can create something like 4 or 5 alias accounts. Use an alias for your normal email address and use your official name only when you must. Also, for special situations you can use another alias and have it go into a special inbox I believe, but I'm not sure. Haven't done that yet.


    There may be a problem with the use of an alias. I haven't found a way to add an alias so it shows up as an account option in Jaguar Mail. As a result, all outgoing mail still has the original .Mac account name. Whether this is fixed in Panther I don't know. Just thought I'd better mention it. Incoming email to an alias works fine for me.

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