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I'm having trouble setting up a network printer (on LAN) on OSX 10.3.7.

The printer is Canon i9100 in setup through USB print server.

I try to set it up as IP printing using IPP. The driver is setup (can print using USB). However, the i9100 does not appear in the drop down menu. I installed GIMP, but there are no drivers there either for i9100.

Is there another driver that works, or to what file do I point the setup utility. I can't find a PPD file anywhere on the drive that matched the printer...

Any ideas?

BTW, the printer works fine on the network from PCs.


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    yes, that is something steamed me when I got my canon pixma... After a couple of hours with both apple and canon, it seems canon does not support printer sharing with macs... But you can share canon printers between windows based computers.

    They made it so you HAD to have the printer plugged directly into the comp to work, no sharing of printers for macs.

    Seriously, if they only put a little effort into it and made it so that the printer driver was not a cruddy program based installation but an actual driver.
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