What Companies use Apple on the Enterprise level?

in macOS edited January 2014
I was discussing with a friend/colleague of mine about Apple, he is an IT guy. And he said that there are no companies, outside of the multimedia arena that uses Apple as their primary system on an Enterprise level, large or small, or that he doesn't know nor see any Apple desktops mixed with Windows desktops either. That basically if you are in business one should only really use MS-Windows OS. Part of his POV is the fact that his own client base is Windows (100%), so of course he most likely will not see it, and he says that he knows of no IT person, that has considered Apple/OS-X as a replacement or to add to an Enterprise network.

So...are there known public examples of companies, large and small that use Apple OS-X as their primary or along with Windows desktops that are not geared to multimedia (graphic/advertisement/movie production/music production - Houses/Enterprises). And I am sure that our own government uses it, even our intelligence agencies. Your examples will be most appreciated. Thanks - Parham


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