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Hi everyone, I have an iSync issue that I just can't solve and I was hoping one of you might have a suggestion for me. I am using iSync to keep my iPod and .Mac up to date, however I've noticed this error popping up ever since I switched from my old 2G iPod to my new iPod mini. Here's the error:

I can't understand what this means. I removed my old iPod from the devices menu before adding my new iPod mini so I don't think it's that. I do use Backup to backup all my stuff to .Mac and I noticed that on the 14th there was an error and I had to erase my entire backup and create a new one. Here is a screenshot of the error message:

If any of this helps, here are my iSync settings:

This is the main iSync window. As you can see I only have .Mac and my iPod mini listed.

These are my .Mac options I've selected.

These are my iPod options I've selected.

So there you have it, that's my weird problem that keeps ocurring during every sync. Oh yeah, here's a screenshot of iSync's error log (maybe this will help shed some light on my problem):

So if anyone has any ideas I'd very much like to hear them! Also, these screen shots finally (after registerring here in 2001) reveal why my nickname is Ybot. It's my first name backwards! Original, eh? :P

Thanks in advance everyone for any and all suggestions and ideas!



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    Okay, I just fiured it out. I de-registered my computer with iSync and added it back under a different name. Now it all works swimingly! I found this article on .Mac tech support and here's the procedure in case any of you have a similar issue:

    Unregister and re-register the computer under a new name.

    Click the .Mac button in iSync.

    In the setup pane that appears, select your computer's name from the list of registered computers.

    Click the "Unregister selected computer" button.

    A confirmation dialog appears. Click the Unregister button.

    After the computer is unregistered, click the Register button to re-register this computer with the .Mac synchronization server.

    In the field that appears, enter a different name for this computer than you used before .

    Click Continue. When the .Mac setup window appears, choose the option you prefer from the "For first sync" pop-up menu.

    Perform a Sync by clicking the Sync Now button in the iSync window.You connect to .Mac, but iSync is not behaving as expected when syncing with .Mac
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