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I have a 15" Aluminum Powerbook that I bought back in September of 2004 (my first Powerbook). Ever since I first opened it up, I have had a problem with some of the keys making a 'popping' noise when used. If they are pressed firmly they stay down for a while -- but they always return to this 'popping' state.

It appears as though the keyboard is literally coming off of its base in some spots. I have had the keyboard replaced twice already, but the problem persists. I did a little digging around and it seems as though this problem is fairly widespread. Has anyone on these boards run across this issue? Any solutions or suggestions? I really need this Powerbook for my work, so I don't want to just keep sending it back to Apple only to have to send it back again -- too much down time. Other than this issue, the 'book is great. This issue is getting progressively more annoying though, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some links regarding the issue:

http://discussions.info.apple.com/[email protected]



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    I had that happen for a few days after an incident with a extra-jucy Mango. I don't eat over the keyboard any more.

    But keys popping off? Never happened to me unintentionally.
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    Thanks for the reply Ebby.

    It isn't that the keys pop off, they pop 'up'. There is a white plastic sheet under the keys, and this sheet has an adhesive on the under-side of it that helps to hold the keyboard down on the chassis. For some reason (faulty adhesive, faulty chassis...) this plastic sheet isn't sticking well. This leads to a popping noise when the keys are hit, as the sheet sticks for a moment and then pops back up. The link to the video about this displays phenomenon very well (large file though). Anyone else experience this?
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