which video cards supported by core image (tiger) ?

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hi there

which are the video cards that will be fully supported by Core Image in Tiger or that will be able to use all the functionality of Core Image ?

do they include actual cards such as ati9200 (ibook), nvidia fx go5200 (powerbook) or fx5200ultra (imac g5) ?

because i'm preparing to switch but i'd rather prefer to get a machine that won't be fully "compatible" with Tiger



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    pbpb Posts: 4,234member
    You need for that a Radeon 9600 (or better) or a Geforce 5200 (or better). But even without those GPUs, Core Image will run on Altivec (if you have a G4) and it will use both processors in a dual-processor machine. See here.
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,426member
    Like PB said...

    You can find a full list of those cards under the Motion specifications.... for it is the same technology.

    Motion Specs

    So no, the ibooks and the Mac Mini's cards will not be supported by CoreImage and CoreVideo.
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